Searching and finding

The newest version of Devon presents a list of docs after searching for a string.
But how can I know, where this string is INSIDE those documents?
I remember the version before: There where little arrows, with which I could navigate from one position to the next. And the searched string was highlighted?
Is there anything like this in the new version as well? I couldn’t find it.

That’s still the same in the latest version. What kind of documents did you search? The navigation bar contains items to navigate highlights/occurrences. In addition, the new Search inspector lists all occurrences with a small summary.

OK, I understood now: It doesn’t highlight in Excel and Numbers files
But I don’t understand the logic: DT gives me a list of documents, and then I am being told the search string couldn’t be found (cf. screenshot). Why?

The search inspector doesn’t support proprietary formats like Microsoft Excel or Numbers. Of course occurrences could be theoretically listed there but they would be more or less useless, e.g. wouldn’t highlight the occurrence in the document or jump to it.

For a proprietary format that supports View > Document Display > Text Alternative (as Microsoft Word and Excel files do), search hits will be highlighted in the Text Alternative mode. However, the display will likely not show the context of the hit.

Thank you for your answer. I already understood that text is not highlighted in Excel etc. files. What I don’t understand is, that in the list a text is shown (even PDF), but the search inspector tells me that the search string is not found. That is, where I miss the logic. If DT does not find the string, shouldn’t it refrain from listing the document?

No, since the documents found by the search are still valid. Also, DEVONthink does find the string, even if it doesn’t display in-document hits in the Search inspector.
Finding matching documents is always a good thing. :slight_smile: