Searching and getting there

Working heavily with DTP for some month now I would like to suggest a few improvements (from my point of view of course :wink: relate to searching and getting there:

– Searching for word/ any words should be a little bit more tolerant at the end to match certain froms of the same term (dog should find dogs as well). Of course I could find something like that with wildcards and fuzzy search, but those approaches are slower, more complicated and find to much other things as well.

– When searching from the toolbar (not the search window) I would like the option to limit the search to the hoisted group of this window. I could do the same thing by first deselecting everything and searching for selection. But this is one step to much. I work a lot with different windows having hoisted certain groups and I always want to search the whole group, never the current selected item. (an other possibility would be to limit the search generally to the top group of the window)

– cliking a link in a hoisted window that leads “out” of the scope of this window always pops up a new window breaking the back button history. I would like to see it open in the same window (with not changing the top group; only when pressing cmd-R it should change the list)

– clicking a Link to a file with an unknown format should open it in the external Application, not opening an empty dokument with no visible option to go further.

– In the search list I would like to see the comments as well (or better: make the columns displayed in search results customizable; important vor DTP 2.0 when custom tags are coming :wink:

– I would like to exclude certain files or groups from being considered as wiki-targets (similar to “Exclude from classification”).

– It would also be helpful to have an option to exclude something from normal searches as well only to be considered when using a “search really everywhere”-option (but this one might be confusing to other user). Why would I need to exclude stuff from search? Well most of this is old stuff, earlier versions or considered not relevant at some point. So I want to keep it out of sight, but keep it in an archive just in case.

– Let the NI (the “Natural Intelligence”=the user) tailor the AI a little bit. Most of the time DTPs AI works amazing. But sometimes it goes stubbornly wrong. I think it would be a good idea to consider my folder structure and give more relevance to the title. At least when the search matches exactly the title I would expect to get this document as first match. In my case I search for a characters Name. I get the group with that name first (that’s fine), than I get thousands of passages, notes and somewhere among them (Place 20 or so) I get the main file about him with his name as Titel. Limiting the search to Title brings it up but thats neither Natural Intelligence nor AI but dull repeated switching search options :wink:

– I am confused that in the search windwo I need to press return to start searching while in other windows DTP is searching while I type. Why is this?