Searching audio

I found this article today on the topic of how search engines are changing to accomodate multimedia.  NPR, for example, is trying to generate text versions of their audio recordings so that they show up in google searches.  Another action step is to provide meta-data for the audio files that allows them to be indexed by search spiders.  

All of this sounds important to devonthink as well.  I look forward to the soon arrival of importing audio files into the devonthink database.  But I increasingly believe that it is very valuable to be able to attach some form of meta-data to the files, such as the name, artist, style that are attached to mp3’s and visible in iTunes, as well as user-defined fields.  And actually, it would be very useful to be able to add metadata for other file types as well.  

Version 1.9 will improve the support for Quicktime files (and therefore audio files too), e.g. it will be possible to reference such files, copy them to the database folder or into the database. In addition, movies & sounds can be played automatically or looped on demand.

Support for more meta-data on the other hand will be probably limited to DT Pro 2.0 (please note that the initial release will be DT Pro 1.9 and DT Pro 2.0 should be available at the end of Q3/04).