Searching based on comparison - "Less than" or "<"


I’m trying to set up a search to find items under a certain price threshold. Like, price < $100,000. I can’t imagine that DEVONagent can’t support that, yet I don’t see any operators listed in the help guides that would work.

Does anyone know how to set that up in a search? Where would I find it in the documentation. Seems like it would be a pretty commonly desired feature.

And would you like to hire someone to write better documentation? Jeeez.

While DEVONthink can search for numbers and can also search for a text string such as price, DEVONthink’s structure isn’t designed to associate the two, as can a FileMaker database. In FileMaker one can create a database field to hold a number, define that number as Price, and search specifically for values of Price.

DEVONthink is a general purpose document/information manager database. It is more suitable for managing large collections of documents of various file types than is FileMaker. (Personal experience: Before DEVONthink appeared, I tried to manage a large collection of documents in FileMaker and it wasn’t something I would try again.)

DEVONthink does, however, provide one file type, Sheets, that could be designed to associate an item to a number, Price. Create a two column Sheet for Item and Price. As each column is sortable, a sort by Price will allow one to see Items that cost less than $100,000. If the Sheets in your database only hold Item/Price data, a Content search of Sheets for a number or numerical range by Price would work – but if other numbers are included in Sheets, the result would not be a valid search for Price, of course.

Contrary to your assumption, the kind of search you expected in DEVONthink is not widely requested. I suspect that your inability to find the user documentation useful was largely related to your assumption that DEVONthink would support the kind of association of a number to a user-defined searchable characteristic of a number.

Within DEVONtechnologies we have discussed the possibility of an expansion of the approach to Sheets that would allow users to, in effect, create field-type databases within a DEVONthink database. I would find that useful for my purposes. We’ll see what the future may hold. :slight_smile: