searching closed DEVONthink databases

I have both DEVONsphere Express and DEVONthink Pro Office. I have a lot of DEVONthink Pro Office databases, not all of them open at any one time.

I’d like to find a group of which I know the name (“dials”). I thought maybe DEVONsphere Express might help with its hard drive indexing but I don’t think it searches in closed DEVON databases. Is there a way to search for specific groups within a closed DEVON database?



I’m cross posting this in the DEVONthink Pro Office forum as well.

DEVONthink’s Spotlight index includes only documents and as this index is also used by DEVONsphere Express, it’s not possible to search for groups in closed databases.

Spotlight’s index ingests a metadata file that DEVONthink places in ~/Library/Caches/Metadata – the process to create that metadata file uses database UUIDs for each document. Since groups have UUIDs too, is it possible to include them in the metadata file?


I also have both DEVONsphere Express and DEVONthink Pro Office. I discovered that when i have DTPO running DevonSphere finds everything i search for. If DTPO is closed DevonSphere is able to find only some files (from the closed DTPO Databases) others not.
How can that be? Any ideas? (No password on Databases…)


Is the Spotlight index (see File > Database Properties) enabled for all databases?