Searching download quantity


In DevonAgent Pro by searching the number of files and there quantity is shown.
The download quantity is different when I check this in an other application.
I use this other application with an USB internet stick .
I check the quantity after stop of download with DevonAgent Pro.
In DA I see 1496 (99,3 MB)
In other app I see 25,92 MB
What can be the reason of different.

You can see this in the attached screenshot


By default DEVONagent Pro is caching & reusing former downloads. The results should be more or less identical after clearing the cache.

Thanks for answer.
Maybe I has ask not right ?
Or You don’t understand my question, sorry ?

I search to Steve Jobs with DevonThink Pro.
I stop the searching after lot of results.
DevonThink Pro show an other download quantity = MB as the other application.
Why ?


I’d suggest that you post this again in the German board as I’m not sure whether we’re talking about different things :wink:

Not necessarily.

But DEVONagent Pro will hold cached data in memory after a search, which can be very useful at times. If I switch to a new search using different criteria, I may empty the cache to clear memory of irrelevant items.