Searching files on disk vs. those in DT Pro?

Now that I’m using version 1.2, I’m a little confused about the relation between searching files in DEVONthink Pro and my “regular” Mac files. When I drag a file from a Mac folder to DEVONsphere Express, the search results only show other Mac files. When I select a file within DEVONthink Pro, the only search results are other files found in my DEVONthink Pro databases.

What I’m hoping to do is use DEVONsphere Express to coordinate the search of DEVONthink Pro files and my other Mac files. In other words, if I select a DEVONthink Pro file in one of the Pro’s databases, I want to have the search results include other files on my Mac. If I select a Mac file, I want to also have the results include items in my DEVONthink Pro databases. Is this possible, or have I misunderstood how the search works in DEVONsphere Express?

This is possible but you have to enable the Spotlight index for each database (see File > Database Properties) and to update DEVONsphere Express’ index afterwards.

OK, that fixed my issue.

One related question: does DT Pro automatically update its indices when new files are added? Or do I have to manually force an update to the Spotlight indices as I ad new information?

The Spotlight index is automatically updated.