Searching for a name that includes @@@

I have indexed a large number of files. Some of those names include ‘@@@’, e.g. a file may be named ‘170622 Comp xyz offer final @@@ test’ .

Searching for @@@ repeatedly finds nothing, regardless of the selection ‘Title’ or ‘content’.

I tried to find some help in the documentation but with no success. Could someone please guide me in the right direction?


You cannot search for non-alphanumeric characters (and we really don’t advocate using them for technical reasons, ie. UNIX incompatibility).

Using your example, searching for final test in Name would show the filename you mentioned.

Hm, that’s unfortunate, as I am indexing the files from an existing windows corporate directory structure and the only consistent elements are the @.

But replacing the @@@ with an arbitray number combination that would not be expected in any ‘natural’ name would do the trick (420815 sounds good). So I have to write some kind of renaming script and be patient.

Thanks for the fast help, good to know that I am not too stupid to screen the really excellent help docs available.

No problem. However, note that renaming those files will rename them i place. If you’re indexing them, it means it would rename the original files.