Searching for Aliases not working for me

The release notes of DTP v3.7 reads that some search fields, including the Sorter, return aliases. But I haven’t found that to work. (I have v3.7.2) The pic below shows an item with an alias


But the sorter didn’t return the item.

Should I put in an alias qualifier? (I understood that the search term would automatically search within aliases, or did I misunderstand the release notes?)

The Sorter’s search tab supports only groups but according to the screenshot it seems to be a Word document using the alias.

Whoops! Mis-used the Sorter.

The release notes read: " The search fields of the Tags filter, the Sorter’s Navigation tab, the See Also & Classify inspector, and utility popovers match aliases of items"

Does DevonThink’s built-in search field support aliases by default (that is, without using the “alias” qualifier)?

Basically, my goal here is create searchable synonyms for groups and items.

No, aliases aren’t searched in when no search prefix is provided. You need to enter an aliases explicitly.

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I would love it if support was added for this. E.g. if you could have the default search able to support aliases, without using extra syntax…

One workaround might be to store the aliases as custom metadata too.