Searching for an IP Address

I’m running DA beta 2.5X trying to find an IP address in web pages.
It doesn’t seem like DA can match the literal “.” in the IP address. So, if I were to hit following links and have my default search term be “119.42.144” it doesn’t seem to work.
However, if I search the same URL with a default query of *, and set a secondary query of “119.42.144” it works, but it doesn’t highlight the second search term.

Is there a way to have it search for IP addresses in the default query with some type of escape character, like, “119.42.144”
OR, is there a way to have DA highlight the second query terms in the returned document?

Without specifying a dedicated term to follow, the primary term is used by default to follow links and therefore not all links are used in your first attempt but in the second one.

Therefore using the primary term “119.42.144” and the follow links term “*” should work.

That makes sense; however, if I use “192.42.144” as my default search term, trying ti find that specific IP range, it doesn’t work. Seems to me like DA doesn’t search for the literal “.” in the term.

But, if I make my default search term *, using a specific site, then make the secondary query “192.42.144” it works and only pulls back pages with that IP range in it,…but then the problem is, it doesn’t highlight the second term, which is really what I’m looking for.

The handling of primary/secondary terms is identical, the only difference is that only the primary term is used to follow links if no term to follow links has been specified by you.

Anyway, you could send the search sets to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll have a look at them.