Searching for decimal numbers in text files fails

I am using DEVONthink Pro Office to organize data from simulations of a particular kind of system. Part of the data generated by each run (experiment, really) is a text file containing parameters of the run. For example, one line of the text file might be:

f: 521.48437500000000

This (f) indicates a frequency of a sine wave, FWIW. Where DtPO would come in handy is finding all experiments which used this frequency. One would think that doing a Search… for 521.484375 or 521.484375* would work, but it fails, returning zero results. (In my simulation program, I would normally specify f as 521.484375; when the program generates the text file, it adds trailing zeros, out to probably 18 significant digits.)

However, searching for 521 returns the expected results (and sometimes some unwanted results) as does searching for 48437500000000, but not 521. or .48437500000000.

If DtPO can’t do this it basically makes it no more usefil than the Finder or Path Finder in organizing and searching what I expect to be a great number of such text files. But DtPO is potentially much more useful than those other programs for its other functionality. Spotlight finds the file using 521.484375 directly.

Why does this search fail and how can I make a search that works, without first finding the number in the text file(s) to ascertain the exact form to search for?


I’ve just added your post to the database and searching for 521.48437500000000 or 521.484375* returned it. Which settings did you use, what kind of document do you use?

Thanks for your reply.

I have used DtPO on and off for several days since my first post and have not seen the problem appear again. I was definitely misbehaving during the time (and before) that I composed the original post but it now works as expected and as you describe. I do recall having some trouble at the time pasting into the search box (pasted stuff didn’t always appear) but I haven’t seen a repeat of that either. All behavior returned to normal without restarting the program, and continues to be OK after a couple of restarts.

Thanks again and sorry for the bother.