Searching for files

Is there anyway to search for files within the database by creation date or modification date especially by greater than or lesser than? Thanks for any help.

There’s a way to answer that question.

Go to Tools > History. Sort by Age (which is related to creation date).

Create a target group. Select and replicate an Age range to the target group. Now do a List view and sort by creation date. You can do further ‘slice and dice’ selections and replications as may be necessary.

The target groups for receiving replicants can be discarded when you are finished with them, if you wish.

Thanks, Bill. That does the job.

I encountered an interesting situation trying this. I was using the Tutorial database. I went to History, selected all the files and replicated them to a folder. I found that I could not delete any of these replicants when the original files were locked unless I unlocked the replicants first. It would be nice not to have to do this as I then had to go back and re-lock the originals which would have been a real pain if they were scattered around the database and not grouped as they are in the Tutorial.

I normally don’t bother with file locking, as that can create precisely the problem you described.

The Tutorial is a special case, to keep people from unintentionally messing up links or accidentally deleting pages. :slight_smile:

I reported a similar problem with locked and replicated items over a year ago. I’d thought locking would be useful since there’s no undo function but my experience convinced me it could be more trouble than it’s worth (as currently implemented). Wish I could remember the details but the forum history doesn’t go back far enough to search for it and I didn’t save that particular posting in my DT forum archive. Ahh, I think it was because Next/Previous Instance hadn’t been implemented, which could make it challenging to locate locked replicates and unlock them so a group could be deleted. Basically the same hassle you encountered… glad I’m not alone in discovering that particular “quirk” in DT. :slight_smile:

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