searching for Greek unicode text

Searches in DTP2 seem not to recognize equivalent Greek unicode characters.

This wasn’t a problem before, when all my Greek searches were fuzzy (they had to be, in order to work). But now, according to how text may originally have been keyed, some Greek characters are recognized in their strings and others are not. :frowning:

This search failure extends to the Search button in the Concordance; a term may be listed there, from when the document containing it was entered, but – oddly enough – the document fails to be returned under Search as containing an instance of that term.

One other wrinkle: problematic strings that find their way into the Title of a Note (for example, after New With Clipboard) are returned in Searches, though the strings in the body of the Note remain unrecognized.

As far as I can tell, the issue always concerns accented characters. If I had to guess, I’d say DTP2 is recognizing only precombined diacriticals.

The problem can be fixed, in particular instances, by the labour of search and replace (the same way one cleans up to smart quotes), but I’m hoping there might be a quicker way to clean up some of my downloaded texts wholesale: there are an awful lot of differently accented characters to search and replace in even a modest swatch of Ancient Greek.

Any suggestions for a more efficient workaround would be most welcome – though what I’d really like to hear is that DTP2 is going to take care of all this in the background for me, like the good, unicode-savvy application I always thought it was.

It appears that DTP2 doesn’t currently support what I believe is called unicode “normalization.” Would that be right?

Just send me (cgrunenberg - at - an example file and an example term and I’ll check this.

It does.