Searching for press releases

I need to search for press releases from any one of about 50 companies that are in the medical diagnostics industry. I tried creating a search set with the following search criteria:

(press NEAR/1 (room OR release)) OR (news NEAR/1 (room OR release)) OR (investor NEAR/1 (relations OR news)) OR newsroom

Then I copied the 50 or so URL’s of the press release sections for the various companies into the “sites” tab. Unfortunately, this isn’t working too well. Is there an easier way to do this? We have a program at work that searches PR Newswire and several other sources. I just saved a search with the names of the 50 companies, and it works quite well. I would like to do something similar with Devon-Agent. Any suggestions?

Could you provide me a few example URLs of press sections (used as a starting point) and (!) additional URLs which should be scanned by DEVONagent afterwards? Then I could check if this is possible (actually it should by using “Follow Links”).

I managed to get it to work with the follow links option. I have had another more vexing problem though. I went over to PR Newswire’s site and there are several RSS feeds that I would like to scan. I put the URL of the RSS feed in the sites list, but no matter how I set up the rest of the search set, I can’t seem to pull up any of the RSS feeds as hits. I have tried * as the default query, following links & not following them, different scanners and no scanners. If I tell it to use the RSS scanner, the log says every entry was filtered out by the scanner. If I use no scanner, most of the entries say either no match or no content. But when I click any one of them, there are several paragraphs of text in each one. Here is one of the sites:

How do I create a search set to find entries in this feed that match the word “Abbott”, or just pull up every entry for the day?

This seems to be a bug of the latest public beta - a “*” query should accept all items.

Yes, it is a bug. I downloaded version 1.7 and I can get all or nothing now which still isn’t what I need. What I want to do is have DA search through the content (not necessarily the title) of each RSS entry on PR Newswire, and the pull out those pages that have certain words in them, such as Abbott, Bayer, etc. If I use * as the primary query, it doesn’t seem to matter what I put in the optional terms under the follow links option. I thought the manual said that the asterisk wouldmake it pull every title, then the “follow links” would make it go 1 level deeper to the meat of the RSS feed and I could put the names Abbott, Bayer and such as extra search terms under the follow links. Then it should only show me pages that have Abbott or Bayer in them. It doesn’t seem to work that way though. What am I doing wrong?