Searching for related topics without exact keyword present?

Hi, I would like to be able to search for something like the word “music” in my database and get results back for notes which the word “jazz” or “blues” in them. The trick here is that the word “music” may not necessarily be present in the notes, but I’d like DT to correlate that “jazz” is a type of music and return the result.

Is this possible?


A simple OR search (music OR jazz or blues) should return the desired results but it’s not possible to assign synonyms.

Thanks for the reply cgrunenberg.

This should be a future feature for DTPro to implement.

This would be an interesting feature – other than large corporate or educational solutions, who is selling such a semantic search engine for consumer desktop use? I’m not aware of any such software at this price level.

I second that - would be great!

A SPARQL query on wikidata would help to gather a list of narrower concepts given a concept. Then a bit more applescript to OR the results and the query would be ready.