Searching for specific Images

I want to construct a search that will only return certain images and wonder if anyone can advise me the best way to do this please? What I actually want to find is images prior to 1950 of The Green School, Isleworth, (this is the Isleworth in Middlesex, UK). Many thanks for any help.

What plugin(s) do you want to use?

The problem with searching images by date is “date”. If the first image taken of the school by Roger Fenton in 1849 is displayed on a web page created in 2012, you might never find it.

Don’t mind what plugins I use and the date thing is not critical as I can discard this I do not want. Does this make sense?

So, I selected the “Web” plugin and searched for

"Green School" NEAR Isleworth

In the results window, I chose “settings” and “Embedded Images” there and then re-started the search. (This is just my preferred, clunky, and methodical approach. I’m sure there’s a better, faster way.)

Thanks Korm…always reliable :smiley: