Searching for substrings in filenames

Now, I tried something that I thought would be a blaze in any file browser, and not even worth mentioning in DTTG.

But I simply cannot get it to work, in an extent that I start to believe that it’s not even possible.

I have a group with lots and lots of files, all containing some timestamp in the filename.

I just wanted to select for each year, like 2016, in this group - for filenames - so that I can add a tag for this year.

Whatever I tried, it does not work.

Searching for 2016 shows files that have no 2016 in their name, but just contain 2016.

name:*2016* is not possible at all, only prefixes can be searched for.

filename:*2016* seems to behave the same, but there is no example for this.
Same with “filename *2016*” or just “filename 2016” or “filename:2016”.

Any idea how to solve this problem?
Is it possible at all?

name: should be used as you’re searching names.
2016 should work as the colon means matches, i.e., substrings are matched.
So name:2016, e.g, …

Many thanks, but that does not select anything for any year or other substring…


We are making some modifications for the next release that will improve this behavior. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

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Many thanks :sweat_smile::hugs:

So you are already using a beta?

I am always running public and beta releases of all our apps. It’s my job :thinking: :wink:

That was to be expected :sweat_smile:

I just was wondering if you see any such search results in the public release or have the same effect like me.

My beta is again expired …

The same results you’re seeing.

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