searching for tag-aliases would be neat


with the introduction of tags the role of the alias field has been expanded.

… but this grat feature – which effectively allows a first implementation of synonyms for tags – only work the input way. if you search for the tag-alias, as far as I can tell, you do not find anything.

are there reasons against the two-way solution? otherwise I would be happy if this could be implemented.

thanks for considering

The aliases aren’t indexed, therefore searching would be relatively slow. However, it’s not impossible. Do you want to use this in smart groups?

thanks for a reply, Chrisitan.

actually in the end it would of course be great if aliases are treated like the tags themselves, so that there effectively is a way to implement a full-headed synonym-system.

having said that, if it comes to a “treat” (like taking into account speed…) I would already cheer if the aliases work in basic search.
actually I would figure that as the implementation of smart folders is a more “controlled” act, that you could expect to figure what the basic term is (e.g. after a basic search bringing the tag-folder for an alias to the fore). at the same time doing a quick search (where you don´t want to spend much time) that actually catches the aliases/synonyms would already be a big leap!
(– it would be even better if the tags – and tag-aliases – are “treated as equal citizens in search”… but thats a topic-link not at the core here, even if related)

… so anything that actually involves tag-aliases more is an appreciated step ahead.

– therefore thanks for considering!