Searching Google with Specific Dates


I am a newbie of DA and DTP and this should be a very basic question :

It seems that i am not able to find how i can search Google using DA and instruct it to return only results from the last week/month etc. I am aware that you can sort search results by Date but by being able to narrow the results returned makes things more easy

I would like to do this in order to avoid having duplicates inserted in DT.

Thank you

This is currently only possible by creating/using customized plugins, e.g. there are plugins for “Last Week” and “Last Year” available in the Support Assistant.

This can also be achieved by creating a search set that will return only new results. Or have a look at the address bar of DEVONagent’s browser window. If there’s a DEVONthink icon to the right, then this URL is already stored in the currently opened databases of DEVONthink.

I installed the plugins for “Last Week” and “Last Year” but I can’t find how to use them.

What I’d really like is to setup Devon Agent Express to sort its results by date. Is this possible?


No, only the results of DEVONagent Pro can be sorted by date right now.

Okay. Thanks for the info.