Searching imported email messages


Newbie here, still getting feet wet, I’m sure I’m doing this wrong. I’ve imported a handful of messages into a subgroup. I am unable to search for “Joe Smith” who is either an addressee or author of one the imported email messages. If I search for "" I get hits. Any help?

What edition are you using? DEVONthink Pro doesn’t index body copy in emails, DEVONthink Pro Office does.

Ok, that explains a lot. If I install the trial version of Pro Office would I need to do anything else to enable the searching of email headers & content?

Answering my own question, it appears I have to reimport my email.

When mail is imported, DEVONthink Pro Office records information that assists the searching. If the mail was in the database before you upgraded to DEVONthink Pro Office, then that step would not have happened. That’s why you’d need to reimport the mail – to force Pro Office to grab the info it needs.