searching in a specific group

I know that you can do this by going to Search in the Tools menu, or by Shift-Command-F, and then choosing the group from the panel, but it would be great to make this more seamless, for instance, when right-clicking on the group, having “Search within this group” as an option in the contextual menu.


If you’re using the Find box on the menu bar, then select the group and use the “In Selection” option in the dropdown menu:

Thanks! [kicks self].

There are many reasons why I always use the full Search window (Tools > Search), instead of the query field in view and document windows.

One of those reasons is that the settings can be inspected at a glance in the Search window. But when using the Toolbar Query, one has to remember to check the current settings, which are not immediately visible.

And, of course, there are a number of options and features available in the full Search window, that are not available in the Toolbar Query.