Searching in DT Pro not as good as DA?

I’ve been trying to use DA-style queries in DT Pro (e.g. age BEFORE beauty). No success. I’m surprised this isn’t provided. The search in DT Pro seems fairly rudimentary. For example, I want to find all docs with “ACT-R”; DT-Pro returns docs with act and also highlights “r”. I could make it a Phrase, but that doesn’t work if I want docs with ACT-R and “merge”.

Am I missing something, or is DT Pro’s search nowhere near as good as DA’s?


Those great search operators of DA will appear in the future release of version 2.0.

But here’s one of my kludges in the interim. Create a new group for the purpose of temporarily holding replicants of a Search result set.

Do your Phrase search and replicate the results to that new group. Then search for the second term. When you are finished, delete the temporary holding group.

There are lots of logical tricks one can do with multilevel searches and sorts, including ‘emulation’ of the NOT operator.

Unfortunately, those ‘tricks’ don’t include NEAR, BEFORE or AFTER. :slight_smile:

You’re a crafty one, aren’t ya?!

Thanks. Cumbersome, but effective.