Searching in DTP 1.5


if I open a database and then do a search with Tools->Search I always get no results. If I do a search without Tools->Search and then open the search window I get results. I think this behaviour in not korrekt.

Another question: I search inside the contens for the names span and wagner but I have as well pdfs with span1 and wagner2 in my database how can I get them too within one search query. I know that fuzzy works but then I get the pdfs requested and 50 other pdfs.

And my last question: Can I search with DA in DTP?


Which settings and term do you use (the settings of the toolbar search are accessible via the little pop-up menu on the left side)?

Switch to phrase searching and enter only span or only wagner.

It’s possible to create XML plugins for DEVONagent searching via DEVONthink Pro Office’s web server but such plugins are user- and database-specific.

Did you hit return (or click the lupe button) in the search window? The search window requires that while the “normal” search starts the search instantly. I don’t now why, but I guess this difference was implemented because of the many options in search window. I personally don’t like it and avoid the search window for that reason.

This should work as you expect it. I tried it with “ignore case” and fuzzy and got both with one search.

The third question I don’t know, because I don’t use DA.