Searching Individual Records

Hi. I have all of my contacts (like 200) put into a sheet. But I want to be able to search through them quickly to find an individual contact.

Can you do searches for individual records, and if so - how the hell do you do it?



Sure. DEVONthink Pro, for search purposes, treats a Sheet as a group, and individual records as documents.

So for example if you use Tools > Search, you can set the group to be searched in as the name of your sheet (instead of a database-wide search, which will also find your records but probably a lot of other stuff, as well). Enter the search term(s) and the desired record(s) will pop up on the hit list.

And if you are viewing the sheet, use the toolbar search and set the option to “Selection” and you can instantly see a list of records corresponding to your search term(s).

Another approach: If you have a column in your sheet for Last Name, and you are looking for someone named Brown, just click on that column header to see the last names in alphabetical order.

Amazing. I’m currently playing with DT Pro as a method for using Getting Things Done. It’s really really good. I can see myself being in this software all day. It’s great for students.