Searching inside an Excel (xls 2007 format) document

Just started using Devonthink Pro and love it!

I have a mixed environment running Parallels and use the Microsoft 2007 Office suite. I also have The Mac 2008 Office Suite (but don’t really use it…).

The challenge I have is that the excel spreadsheets are not being keyword indexed inside the document. So… I can actually see the document in the preview pain but if I search for a string inside an excel spreadsheet, DevonThink does not find it…

Please advise.




I’ve got several Excel worksheets saved in the .xls format, then imported into DTPO2 pb4. The ‘Save’ Preference in Excel 2008 was checked to provide a preview when the file is saved.

The text content of these worksheets is searchable within my database.

But if I save those worksheets in the .xlsx filetype, the text content isn’t searchable. I’m guessing that Apple or Microsoft hasn’t yet provided a Spotlight indexing plugin for the .xlsx filetype, as Spotlight couldn’t find the text content of those files – only the .xls files, both in the Finder and in my database.

Any word if snow leopard will include the searching capability of xlsx (excel) files?


Since Snow Leopard is still under NDA, any word regarding its functionality is utterly forbidden to be uttered in public. So, please be gentle to us and don’t ask nor say anything about it on this public forum until Apple releases it.

Thank you!

Oh- been so much in the press thought there may have been public statements regarding this…

Anyway, really just looking for the ability to search inside of excel xlsx documents within Devonthink. I don’t understand why I can quicklook the document, open it with numbers or Excel for Mac and yet still not search for information inside of it…