Searching issue

Hello everyone,
Once I updated to the last release,I’ve got some problems.
If I’m trying to search documents on the main searching tab, I can reach the group folder,but it result empty.
To reach the documents, I’ve to move first in the database where the documents its stored and then search the folder.
My question is, why that’s not possible from the main searching tab (as I did in the previous version)? What am I doing wrong!?
Thank you in advance.

Welcome @zibrib

What device and operating system are you using?

Hi Bluefrog,
I’m using iPhone (15.4.1)
Devonthink to go 3.5

Thanks for the follow-up and confirming the behavior. I had reported it in an issue but didn’t see it was related to the databases screen. I’ll amend the issue on file.

Thanks for your patience, assistance, and understanding