Searching multiple fields


My RSS feeds delete after a month. However, I want to search the Trash for items that meet two conditions:

  1. the url contains ‘ncbi’
  2. the name contains ‘pain’

I have search the forums and tried building various searches without success. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


You can actually select the database’s Trash and do a search but not for those two independent values.
But the real question is: Why are you searching the Trash? It would be better to curate the feeds if you find yourself searching for deleted items often.


Thanks for the quick response.
Unfortunately, I have been searching the Trash, far too often, which is how I discovered the limitation/issue…

You raise a very good point about curating the feeds. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to curate feeds.

My goal/ pipe-dream:

  1. a feed from a specific url is recognized
  2. terms in the ‘name’ field (e.g., pain, sleep, MRI, etc.) are recognized, which
  3. triggers an apple script that extracts the PMID from the feed and imports the associated article into Papers (my reference manager).

Any suggestions?


That’s a bit more than curation! :open_mouth: :smiley:

Curating would involve you perusing the feed and deleting items that aren’t of interest (and emptying your trash as well, since it’s not a filing cabinet (anymore than the waste bin in your kitchen is :mrgreen: )

Seeing as this is the usage Scenario section, you may want to post your scripting “dream” in our Scripting forum. Do note that not all apps are scriptable or have limited scriptability. I am uncertain of Papers’ abilities in this regard.

This isn’t possible yet but an upcoming release will support such workflows.

I would definitely agree with you! :wink:

Gotcha. I’ve been taking a lazy approach and perusing the feeds of PubMed searches once they hit the Trash. Currently, all my feeds show up together. Is there an easy way to separate a feed based on its url? If so, then I could look at them before they hit the Trash. :question:

Good point. Thanks for the suggestion.
FYI: Papers3 is highly scriptable. However, as it has been deprecated in favor readcube, perhaps I will try to find a script that will export the information to BibDesk.

Such a development would be fantastic! :smiley:
Thanks for letting me know!

You can right-click the column header in Split / Three Pane / List view and add a URL column to sort on.

Thanks. Is there a way to auto-group feeds based on url?

No. You can sort entries by URL, make a selection and use Command-Option-G to group them though.

OK thanks.
I’ll just create a smart search to identify the specific feeds from PubMed.