Searching Multiple

Just to be clear, is It true that when I enter a search string in the search box that It will search all open Dbs? And, will the AI “hat” show results as well across all open Dbs?

I am still going to index my files as I am still not confident that what I take into the DT databases will export later exactly the same.

It is also true that when I find some data in a document, say a to-do list, that I can continue to edit It if It is already inside DT.


PS: I Have four DBs open now. I test by searching for a specific word in a file that is in DB4 - Example “Post” for a file that is a “Post Office Box Rental Receipt”. I get zero results searching on the other Dbs that are open - just the DB4 that actually contains that word. So again my question, can I search through multi Dbs in DT? This would be a deal breaker for me if I can’t search multiple Dbs at the same time as I must be confident I am searching for a term and if It exists globally.

Otherwise I will stay with HoudahSpot. :cry:

Searches in the Toolbar query field will be conducted within the frontmost database or a selected group within the database.

I alway use the full Search window (Tools > Search) because it has a number of additional features. Searches across all open databases are one such feature.

Unlike some other applications such as Evernote, DEVONthink does not modify files that are imported into a database. Imported files can be exported at any time in their original filetypes.

Yes, Imported files stored within the database can be edited. For example a Word document, when selected, can be opened and edited under MS Word by clicking on the Open Externally button in the Toolbar. Alternatively the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-O will do the same, opening the selected document under the parent application defined in the Finder, so that a .pages document when selected would be opened under Pages for editing. Finally, as some filetypes can be opened and edited by more than one external application, the menu command Data > Open With will allow choice of application in such cases.

After editing an Imported document in an external application, Save the edit changes using Command-S, the normal command for saving changes.

Yes I see, I was just testing that. I assume that also means that whatever is found from the “Search” method will also show ALL open DB file data with the pop-out AI panel?

Apparently, using one large DB instead of several smaller Dbs gives an advantage of using the search on the upper right of the standard window, yes?

Is there a way to combine Dbs?
ADDED: Apparently I can simply drag contents of open Dbs into other Open Dbs. That answers that question - except my indexing is way off. Trying rebuilding index now.


Another question: I see that Outlook has a bad habit of not associating It’s email files with It’s self (Identity not found for this file) or some such rubbish. I found an applescript solution on the web for that, one mail piece at a time:, not sure how good It is. Question is, if DT can’t read an outlook message when I already have Outlook installed and am using It daily, will the DT office version help with this at all? I know DT has really good filters to read files, but DT Pro can’t read the MS Office files. Can DT Office do this?

I am very likely going to get DT Pro version as DT Office seems a little out of my current budget. DT Office imports emails and takes in scans. Not sure I need the scan part as my ScanSnap is already going to put files into DT if I want them there. But importing emails is pretty important. And by importing, I mean archiving. I have been through so many email programs over the past 20 or so years, Eudora, Mailbox, Thunderbird, Gyaz, Mailsmith, Mail. I have information in all those files that I would love to have access too, and kill the old dups for one thing.

Is DT Office any better and handling email than DT Pro, or is It just set to continually import email - a feature that I don’t really need right now - so long as I can import all my old mail and cull them in DT Pro.

Ongoing thanks.