Searching Names in Smart Groups

I created a smart group which is right under Favorites, so I think it’s a global smart group. I do not understand how I can search the names in that group. I know exactly one of the words in the name of a file I need. In fact, I can see that it’s there, but when I put in the term in the search box and select “Name”, search “in selection,” i.e. the smart group, the file is not coming up.

This search does not work for most of my attempts for different files from the same smart group. It worked for one. I do not change the parameters (prefix while typing, fuzzy, etc.).

What am I doing wrong?

Is this DEVONthink 2 or 3?
A screen capture would likely help.

I use DTPO 2.11.3.

There is DTPO 3?

There is DTPO 3?

Yes - DEVONthink 3 Public Beta- but it is in beta testing and we don’t advise using it with mission-critical data or in production environments. Also, it is advisable to run it in a separate macOS user account with test data or copies of data.