Searching on tags

Hi There

I use tags to tag certain documents (either emails imported from Mail, PDF’s or text docs) with a reference number corresponding to the case number I am dealing with. I can then search for this case number and return the documents associated with it. My question relates to the fact the the search seems to return Mail tagged with the right number and then two “tags” folders which contain text and pdf documents. Can I not get a flat return of all documents, not in subfolders, so I can see a full chronological view of the file?

Thanks in advance.

See screenshot

Your search is only returning documents containing the term ‘3457739’ in the search fields ‘Content’, ‘Name’, ‘URL’, etc. This does not search for matching tags. If you want to search for all documents that have the tag ‘3457739’, then you need to use the ‘Advanced’ button at the bottom of the search window and enter the tag search criterion.