searching on tags

Hi, Why aren’t tags implemented more thoroughly in the search mechanisms/tools? It seems that the only way to search on tags is to use a Smart Group - am I right about that? If so, why is that? What is considered Meta Data in the search tools? Why isn’t the tags field at least a Meta Data field for the purpose of searching? Would it be possible in the program or through scripting to have a little search tool that is either specific to tags or defaults to tags as the initial property to search on? It would be very handy to be able to easily create different logical combinations of tags to search on with the ability to save the search as a Smart Group but not the requirement - it would be really nice to just be able to have a simple and efficient mechanism to define and execute searches on the tags property? Please post if you know ways to do that now or if you know of soon-to-come enhancements in that area. Thanks very much! Keith

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Thanks very much, Christian - I look forward to that improvement - I would really like to try making tags a primary feature of the way that I manage my information in DTPO; and, it seems to me to be the way that is most scalable as the amount of information managed increases. Thanks again!