Searching pages requiring a login?

Yesterday I began to build a plugin which is supposed to search the papers available at the sites of business schools (Knowledge@Wharton, HBS Working Knowledge, etc.)

I was getting frustrated because I got no results until I looked at the log (“Protokoll”) window, which was full of pages telling me that reading this article required me to log in and offered me the login form - so my plugin is trying to read the correct pages, but isn’t granted access.

I do have acounts at these sites and am constantly logged in Safari, but DA is still being denied access.

What do I do in order for DA to be able to access these pages?


That’s a bug of the current release, the next release will use cookies while searching (necessary to login to sites via forms).

Thank you for the fast answer - DEVON support is first rate.

Hopefully the next release isn’t too far away - I’m really looking forward to being able to do these searches - the sites I mentioned are gold mines!