searching: parameter settings for broadest results?


I’m evaluating DTP on my new macbook and am a bit perplexed about the Search window or rather why DTP search seems deficient.

I imported 3 files into DTP with the following names:
* seiko.jpg
* seikowatchesnew3fu.jpg
* saraSeiko.html

I type in ‘seiko’ as shown here:
with parameters: All/All/ignore case/database
but DTP doesn’t find ‘seikowatchesnew3fu.jpg’ and just finds the other 2 files.


It seems like a simple search to me.

I try searching with Spotlight on Tiger and no problem; all 3 files found.

I tried creating text entries in my favorite program, Notational Velocity and it found all 3 entries too.

So what is so complicated about DevonThink Pro’s searching?

Is there any way to configure the search to have Spotlight like searching?

I finally was able to use wildcards ‘seiko*’ to find the missing file, but that is such a hassle to always have to tweak a simple search if one doesn’t know the result set to beforehand. I might as well learn regular expressions!

Using ‘phrase’ seems to be the broadest, but for such an important feature, the documentation could have had more examples than 3 sentences to describe the operators. I’m guessing the period is a delimiter of a word.

any suggestions/explanations are much obliged



The All Words/Any word options look for whole words. That might not be ideal to search filenames but it’s definitely more suitable when searching contents.