searching pdf annotation text and note text


In my quest for the grail of handwriting workflows, I assumed I was being smart… :unamused:
I’m in the habit of taking lots of ‘field notes’. I preferably use A5 size.
Goal is to scan these into DTPO.
(As an aside, I’m also working on a mixed workflow using my Android Galaxy Note 4, for which I recently discovered a nice Google Book from the hand of Jose John: Brilliant S-Pen Apps)

To be able to quickly find back some of my notes, I went in and added a short descriptive text as an annotation.

However it seems these are not picked up when doing a search?
Am I missing something? Is there some setting I need to enable that I overlooked?

Thanks for helping out!


No, currently annotations are not indexed, therefore not searchable.

Jim, thanks for dropping in!
Any chance this might be taken into account for a next release?
Do I need to post it in the Requests & Suggestions section?


I’d like that too, if at all possible. Trying to rediscover the wonders of paper, and I had something very much like the original poster has in mind.


The request (and support, @Declan) is noted. It is something under discussion, but I can’t promise as development is a dynamic process. It is on our radar though. Cheers!