Searching PDFs

I was hoping that the new version of DEVONAgent would be able to search online PDFs. I hope this is still in the planning as it would be of great use for us academic researchers. On the whole good work, just needs this option I think.


Yes, it’s still in the pipeline but don’t expect it before v2.0.

I’m working to understand the best way to work with DT. Exploring what I can and cannot do. If I understand it the paradigm is to work within DT as much as possible.

If I am working with a PDF file, indexing the file will allow DT to tell me that my word or phrase is in that file. But I will need to go outside DT when I want to search that file for the word, phrase, whatever.

But importing the PDF WILL then allow me full search capability.

Do I understand?

Thanks … sorry for being so dense.

Yes. :slight_smile:

I’m hopeful that Tiger will give DT developers better hooks for letting us view and manipulate PDFs within DEVONthink.

Is their an HTML or RTF version of the DT manual?

I’ve found the two PDFs.

Want to drop this in the database.

Some thoughts …

Without support for the formats like PDF or Appleworks, DT must lose some applications. A relationship with MacLink that would allow translation on the fly would be a perfect fit. (This has been discussed elsewhere in the forum.)

For example, my legacy handouts are in Appleworks. I have several generations of materials I converted from Word when I gave up on MS. How wonderful to pull all these in without needing to convert each to RTF.

Right now, I convert them all into PDF and post the new docs in Blackboard for my students because THEY must have a universal format … even the versions of Word students own can cause trouble!

For my own work, I have shifted to Mellel. I like the styles and the writer-focused interface. I also like the community.

But it looks like I will have to wait until a richer PDF solution is available.

Is there any timeline for this?

Just use “Help > Import Help…” which imports the integrated help files (basically identical to the PDF manual).

The only timeline currently is “soon after the release of Tiger”.

Thanks Christian. This will make a big difference for me.

DT is exactly the way I want to go … but much of what I have right now is in PDF. Heh … I chose that for its portability as I tried out different authoring tools.

Should have stuck with RTF output!