Searching pdfs

So I imported several pdfs files into a folder called ebooks. Some of these pdfs are quite large…>30mb. It appears that they are indexed but I’m getting inconsistent search time results when I do a query from the tools>search…I search for whatever and it kicks back the results fast but when I click on a pdf, it takes like several minutes for it to open the pdf and highlight the search term I searched for. It always does come back. Has anyone else had this problem? I wanted to index these pdf’s because I’m a web developer and I thought it would be cool to have these books indexed in this way…also, it there a way to bring up the search window of DT when I’m in another program?


Big files like that will tax any program.

The thing I did with my tech books is to break them apart into individual pages and import them into DTPO.

It’s obvious you’ll get hits searching for “utf8 AND encoding” in a book about the Ruby language, but what you want are the page hits. Otherwise you might just as well open the ebook in Preview and use its search facility.

With individual pages, you’ll get search results that only produce the pages you want (not the whole book) and it’ll be fast, too.

HTH, Charles

Not directly. But if the other application is Services-aware, you can select one or more words and press Command-/ (DEVONthink’s Lookup Service) and the DEVONthink application will become frontmost, with the selected text entered into the Search window query field. Afterwards, Command-Tab will bring you back to the application in which you started.