Searching Recovered Archived Documents in DT - Possible?

Dear DT Folks:

I use DTPO. I have a a bunch of docs that have been recovered from a catastrophic disc failure. Originally they had all been properly titled, e.g…:

01-07-08 Dowd - Hillary’s Tears in New Hampshire (just an example).

But since the original disc failure, this recovered doc, and thousands more like it, have been stripped of their descriptors and now look like this…


Question: I do not have time to title these old documents. Is it possible to simply put them in a folder called e.g. “Archive”, have DT do it’s indexing stuff on that folder, and then just use/rely on DT to search for subject matter contained within those old archived documents? Does this make sense? Any and all ideas, comments, suggections for searching in this situation, or limitations of this idea/approach appreciated.

Thanks in advance to fellow DT’ers


Sure. If those documents contain text, they will be searchable. DT Pro indexes readable text content.