Searching school career pages for specific job postings

I’ve been trying to configure a search set for to find specific words indicating jobs on school website career/employment pages. I’ve not been able to get the set to return any results.

As an example:
For the page with the url: … D=IA000072

Here is the URL in quotes so you can see it easily w/o having to click on it.

(This is a listing of jobs for the Collierville school district in TN. There are currently coaching positions listed on this page.)

I am searching for the word “coach”.

Here’s how I configured the search set: (see attachments for images)
Default Query: Coach
Follow Links: Off
No Scanner
Language: International
Ignore Diacritics: checked

Results: All Pages

Sites: The page URL from above

No Plugins selected.

Eventually I want to learn to filter the results and return only pages that have changed since the last search, but getting any results to come up would be a good start.

Bottom line question: How can I have DevonAgent search a single page from a website for a particular word and monitor for changes over time???

Thanks in advance for your help.-John
Sites tab.tiff (111 KB)
Advanced tab.tiff (136 KB)
General tab.tiff (121 KB)

Set this option to “All” and set the follow links term to “View” (without quotes).

Switch to “Only new pages” to find only new or changed results.