Searching specific journals with search sets

I would like to create a search set that searches online journals that I subscribe to. I set up the set with the internet search as my plugins and the websites of the journals as the sites to be searched. The search returns no documents from the websites I’ve selected. For example, I’d like to search the radiology journal Radiology. I selected or as the websites, but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work?

You will probably need to write an XML plugin to instruct DA on how to search these journals properly for links. In the online help there is a tutorial chapter that shows you how to start writing one of these.


I am in Infectious Diseases and want to do the same thing you are doing. I’m a bit of a geek but my eyes glazed over when i tried to follow their suggestions. Even if i had the time (!), it’s a bit too arcane for me. Have you had any success? Without specifying specific journals nad news sources DA is fairly useless to me as it picks up all sorts of garbage and not enough of the good info. If you have any ideas i’ll take them


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Hi, Henry. I created a new search set for DEVONagent, using no plugins but setting the site to be searched as I named the new search set Radiology Test.

The query term I used for a search was “Soft-Copy Digital Mammography” OR “Screen-Film Mammography”.

I told this search set to look two levels deep, and entered an asterisk symbol in the field below that setting.

This search is still in progress after about 20 minutes and so far has found 5 results. So it works.

But it’s slow and inefficient by contrast to a properly written plugin for that journal site.

Why? Because my little search set is hammering away at the site, looking at every link on the first page (some of which might be irrelevant to productive searching for my interest, perhaps even sending me outside the journal’s collection of reference materials). For each link found, the search set looks down another level, inspecting every page for the query terms.

But that journal site already has its own search engine and internal indexing of the journal articles. You would get much faster searching using that engine; a plugin for the site would tie into that search engine rather than hammering away at hundreds – perhaps thousands – of links and examining the content of each linked page.

Writing a plugin requires not only some familiarity with XML but an understanding of the way that journal’s internal search engine works, so that use can be made of it. That can be daunting.

But there are probably people in your local area that are knowledgeable both about XML and search procedures. DEVONagent provides enough guidance to such individuals that developing new plugins is “a piece of cake”. I’m not one of them. :slight_smile:

Needless to say, your journal sites provide their internal search engines to help you access their content. They will be much happier with people who use that search procedure through a properly written DEVONagent plugin than they will be with people who hammer away at every page on their site looking for something, as that creates a lot more traffic on the site.

I terminated the search after pulling down 5 hits. It would have continued much longer, and hadn’t yet reached the paper that I used for choice of the query terms. Here’s a copy of the digest for those 5 results:

  1. Radiology – Table of Contents (247 [1])
    Accuracy of Soft-Copy Digital Mammography versus That of Screen-Film Mammography according to Digital Manufacturer: ACRIN DMIST Retrospective Multireader Study
    Our retrospective reader study…

  2. Radiology – eLetters for Jiang et al., 243 (2) 360-367

  3. Tabar L, Yen MF, Vitak B, Chen HH, Smith RA, Duffy SW. Mammography service screening and mortality in breast cancer patients: 20-year follow…

  4. Radiology – eLetters published in the past 355 days
    Screening Mammography–detected Cancers: Sensitivity of a Computer-aided Detection System Applied to Full-Field Digital Mammograms

  5. European guidelines for quality assurance in mammography…

  6. Radiology – Table of Contents (244 [3])
    Reinventing Radiology in a Digital and Molecular Age: Summary of Proceedings of the Sixth Biannual Symposium of the International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology…

  7. [Breast Imaging] Accuracy of Soft-Copy Digital Mammography versus That of Screen-Film Mammography according to Digital Manufacturer: ACRIN DMIST Retrospective Multireader Study
    Purpose: To retrospectively compare the accuracy for cancer diagnosis of digital mammography with soft-copy interpretation with that of screen-film mammography for each digital…

By the way, I could have used much more efficient URLs for that radiology journal site.

There’s a URL for the current issue. Perhaps I might set up a scheduled search for a continuing topic of interest and let it run weekly (assuming a weekly journal) to look for new content relevant to a query topic. I can tell a scheduled search set to save the results to the Archive each time it runs, and to send me via email a list of the new results each time it runs.

There’s a URL for the journal archives. That would be much more efficient to use for looking into back issues than the overall site URL. (But still not as efficient as a plugin.)