Searching specific online newspapers and news sites

hello everyone
I have a query that I would like to run in a list of online newspapers and news site like New York Times and others like this. I’m doing a research for my Ph.D dissertation and I know these specific sites will give me the best results.

But I don’t no how to do this. simply coping the names of the homepage of for example doesn’t give me anything. I understand I need to search the site archive, but I have no clue as for how to do it.

Does anyone knows how to do it?

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Note: The NYT uses JavaScript for its search engine. DEVONagent currently doesn’t support creating plugins for JS-enabled search engines.

The most basic approach is to create a search set (see Window > Search Sets) with ths site enabled, like so…

It actually does if the search engine can return the results as JSON/XML. But writing such a plugin is even more complicated than writing a plugin for HTML results.

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