Searching Specific sites


I’m using DevonAgent (v 3.0 pb1). I want to do a daily search on dutch newspapers for a specific term. So i’ve made a new search set, i.e.copied the standard Internet Fast scan search set and modified it.
I’ve excluded any links search. The results are from a lot of other sites, none from any of the newspapers. That’s possible because it’s a specific term, newspapers don’t have daily news about it. But why do i get all the results form the other sites?
Are the by me entered sites extra sites DevonAgent searches, on top of the other sites? I thought by entering specific sites it would be an exclusieve search on these sites.
Regards, Bob Vos

Did you enter the sites in the “Sites” tab of the Window > Search Sets panel? These sites are crawled by DEVONagent on its own, they’re not (yet) used to limit plugin-based searches to certain sites.