Searching TED Talks

Hello dear DEVONagent folks,

I want to search all TED talks (their descriptions). In google I just would search, searching with DA pro I set up a search set with the URL, but DA only finds words that are displayed on that site (with 20 talkes loaded) I want to search all 1356 talks instead.

How do I do this?

Many thanks for your hints, Matze

You’ll need a custom plug-in: Choose File > New Plug-In and enter the URL “TED: Ideas Worth Spreading” (without quotes).

Hi Christian,

no, this doesn’t work. No results at all.
I’ve tried “” and “” and “” (without quotes)

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: I have searched for “secret”, which is in the description of a talk "Maurizio Seracini: The secret lives of paintings

12:34 Posted: Oct 2012
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DA pro shows “Dateien: 98 7,4 MB” and the Protokoll lists all the URLs, which were searched (?)
BUT: I want to search all 1364 talks.

Start with the DEVONagent manual, pp.62-67 for deeper info on creating a new Search Plugin.

I am sorry, Tim, but I don’t get, what the manual is trying to teach me.
“Step 3
Let’s test the plugin. In this case, the created plugin
is already fully functional but causing unnecessary
traffic and might return unexpected results.”

“digest” (Übersicht) shows no results at all.

“Therefore select any ‘’ URL in the log
and choose Exlude Domain in the contextual menu.
This excludes all pages on from becoming
possible results.”

Why should I exclude all pages on, when I want to search

Retry the test, only 10 links per page should be

Why should it show only 10 links and why does the manual show a picture of the log with 36 links?

We now have a working plugin for IPL”

Have we? If I search for “USA” on I get loads of results. If I use the plug-in and search for USA I get nothing.
This IPL thing should work as an example, I guess. So I repeated those steps on Copying the “Next >>” link gives:
Replacing test with agentQuery and searching for sth different brings only loads of links in log. Digest and results are empty.

This is all Greek to me. Sorry.

I have just tried and the plugin worked as expected. We added the step to include all results from as we wanted to get external pages found by IPL, but not references to itself.

Have you selected the new IPL plugin the magnifying pop-up menu when searching? I immediately got 120 results for a test query.

10 links per page means that DEVONagent uses the first 10 links on very result page, then asks for the next page.