searching to figure out the search

I am trying to set up an automator action to download a PDF (or whatever) of many particular websites on a periodic basis. Any ideas?

I have 40 restaurant menus I am interested in and it would be useful if I could have an Automator action download and archive all the current menus posted on those sites.

I have DEVONagent also.

You may want to check some of the sample workflows that ship in the Extras folder of the DEVONagent distribution. They should get you going pretty easily, take especially a look at the “Get Link URLs” action.

Not that easy it seems. I do a “Get Specified URL” with the addresses of the restaurant sites. I then follow it with “Get Link URL” with “menu” as the description and “html, htm, pdf” as the type. All is constrained within the same domain as starting page.

I am not asking for you to do all of the work, but am I missing something obvious?

You need to have links on those pages that lead directly to downloadable PDFs. If they’re hidden in some other page referenced from these it will not work. Why don’t you post a sample URL from where you want to get a menu from?


Here are some types

Everything in a single address:

Various addresses:

Specific address, as an example

None work for me.

Thank you for the help. I hope what I would like is possible.

One way to find out if that action would work on a page is to open it in DEVONagent (DA) and click on the “Show Objects” button (in the toolbar the one all the way to the left). There you can select the “Linked Documents” scanner. If that shows results, that action will pick those up. If it is empty, the data you want isn’t there. In the URLs that you put up, it was always empty.

This you could try and achieve by creating a custom Search Set in DA: execute a Default Query in DT based on the “menu” string on a list of these restaurants in the Sites. In the General tab you can enter this query and you want to “Follow Links” to more than one level. Go to the Actions and “Add results to DEVONthink”. Once you have it working you can use the Schedule to run this regularly. See the online help for more details.

P.S. Those restaurants look quite interesting, being a foodie myself I will take a close look at them. :wink:

Thank you for the assistance.