Searching with Concordance


I’m struggling with the right way to search using concordance. At the moment if I select a PDF and click to slide out the concordance results I can see all of the words in the document.

If I then select a word that has more than one occurrence the display of the PDF changes to reveal the first occurrence of that word but I can’t see how I show the next occurrence without using the Search dialogue and typing in the word I found and using the Next command?

The same applies when I use the search at the top of the database window. Searching for a term or word lists all of the documents that match, clicking on one of them will reveal the very first match but I can’t see how to find or display the next occurrence of the match.

This also happens with the advanced search, the buttons that are displayed for first, previous, next and last take you through the matched document list and not the matches in the documents.

Any advice would be helpful.

Regards Alan

OK, I’ve found an answer.

Once you have located a word in the concordance sheet you need to click in the document window that shows the selected highlight, then you can use the Go menu’s Previous and Next Highlight commands.

If you don’t click then the focus is still on the concordance sheet and the commands won’t work.