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I keep a daily log in DT and have for many, many years (actually i have only been using DT for a few years but I imported the previous years from Evernote). In the log I “jot down” each thing that I do that day that I might want to remember.

Tonight I was thinking about what mountain I want to hike on this weekend and I wanted to know when I last hiked a few of them. So I opened my iphone and did a search on the mountain name. Didn’t show up. Tried another one, same thing. And a third. I had “All Databases” selected and I was pressing the Search button.

My wife found one of them in her notes and I went to that date in my notes (still on my iphone) and it was there. So I tried that search again. Nothing. So I went down to my iMac and did searches on each of the names and all of the proper notes showed up.

Do I have to do something on the iPhone to get DTTG to correct index/search my notes?

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Does it work after rebuilding the index by clicking on the link x-devonthinktogo://reindex in DEVONthink To Go? See Utility URL Commands section of help.

Wow, I didn’t know about those commands. But, alas, no — it does not work. But I see a variety of strange results. In my log for May 19,2017 I have a line that says “Walked up to Zealand Falls Hut”.

On my iphone after reindexing, if i search any of the three words Zealand, Falls, Hut — none of them come up with that note. On my ipad (which I have not reindexed yet) if I search for Falls or Hut I get a hit but not Zealand.


Here is a sample search…

Does that work for you?

A search for merely zealand falls hut - with no prefix or quotes - would return AND results from names, content, tags, etc.

What file format is the log? Anything special about the characters before or after Zealand? In doubt, please share the file with our support and we’ll have a look at why it’s indexed wrong.

Formatted Note (that’s how the Evernote import came in). Nothing special … I attached a snippet.
CleanShot-iMac 2022-05-26 at 12.14.09

No. See attached.

That’s not the search I suggest. I show content:"zealand falls hut".

Sorry, I was focused on the right hand pane, not the middle one. In any case that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

On the mac it works fine.

I think it’s a bug with formatted note content.
Long-press the formatted note and choose Convert > To Plain Text.
Give it a minute to update the index (just as a precaution) and try the search again.

I converted to rich text and then forced a reindex just to be sure (now that I know how to do that :slight_smile:
I left both versions in the group. No Change.

A couple of other things. As I type Z-e-a, I see matches against three notes that include the word “Zeacliff” (but not “Zealand”). As soon as I type the “l”, those disappear. OK. But when I finish the word Zealand and hit SEARCH, the only note that shows up has the word “zeal” in it but not “zealand”. That seems wrong.

Also did the same thing with converting to Plain Text.

Please open a support ticket via ? > Contact Us in DEVONthink To Go.

We’d be really interested in the formatted note. HTML can contain funny characters that might disturb the conversion to plain text and so the tokenization.

I see the same behavior. Content in formatted text could not be found. But content in markdown text could.

If you convert the formatted note to plain text, is the new file found?

if I convert the file to plain text the new file is simply empty so it could not be found neither.

if I convert the file to plain text the new file is simply empty so it could not be found neither.

What is the content in the formatted note before conversion?

It were just a few characters. I just tried to reproduce it, but this time it works. Maybe because of the new update?!

I still can‘t find expressions within formatted text notes. If I convert them to „text“ the content of the file could be found by the global search.

Btw, is there a way to search within text files or formatted text files? There is no magnifier symbol…