Searching with Wildcards

I am stumped using wildcards in searching. I am familiar with regular expressions (grep style wildcards). However, I can’t get any wildcard search to work. Could someone please give me an example, or tell me what to do to get wildcard search to work.


DEVONthink searches for contents (names, comments or URLs) containing DEVONthink, DEVON??? finds DEVONthink or DEVONagent for example. Or DEVONthink finds contents with DEVONthink at the end and DEVONthink finds contents beginning with this word.

Wildcards are always applied to whole contents (not to single words).

I have exactly the same problem (DT 1.7.1, OS 10.2.6). Searching with wildcards finds nothing, not ever, nowhere, nohow.  Even setting up an entry with Christian’s example text and runnng his example search finds… nothing.  Won’t even find exact words (in otherwords, using Wildcard search without any * or ? wildcards).

Is it just the two of us? I must say it rather puts a crimp in things as it stands.

Wildcards do not work in the search field of browser windows but they work in the search window. This will be fixed in v1.7.2.

It doesn’t work from the search box. However, if you select Tool/Search from the menu, it will work.