Secondary sort

Is it possible now (or in the future) to have an option to ‘additionally’ sort files with a secondary sort such as:

primary sort by “Date Added” and secondary sort by “Kind” ??

This is not yet possible but might be added to future releases depending on feedback.

+1 I would use this feature frequently

Seems a natural: +1

And +1 here. This would be very useful for me.


Just realised I need this, so +1 here as well.

Sounds very useful. I hope the feature is added.

I’d really like to have this feature too!

I can’t think of how I could make use of secondary sort as, say, Excel provides it. I would rather prefer a level-dependent sort in the tree-view, e.g. 1st level by type, 2nd and subsequent levels by name

+1 for the secondary sort!

I’ve put a lot of information into this program and while I fully acknowledge that I could have been infinitely more diligent in tagging and ‘see also’, I haven’t and I don’t really have time to do it.

That said, I have made a commitment to this system and in exchange for my commitment, I do expect a reasonably easy way to find stuff. So my complaints are:

  1. Why hasn’t secondary sort been implemented? This should be painfully obvious to developers. Have no intention of letting you off easy here. You’ve got multiple view options and many have columns. It is more than a little baffling how it might not have occurred to you that this would be useful.

  2. When I do a search from the “as icons” view, why can’t the view pane show the selected file? Also Quick Look does not let me see files as I arrow through them. I like working from the “as icons” view, do I really need to change to a different view to make proper use of the search feature?

Some of this clunkiness is beginning to wear on me and as much as I love this software I need things like this to work the way they should.

The next release will fix this.

will it also enable the secondary sort?