Secure Groups?

I have a group in DTse that I use to store login info, account info, and software registrations so they’re easy for me to find. It would be good if they weren’t that easy for someone else to find, though :wink:

How about a feature to lock/secure a group (and any contained groups)? Then, I could add any account/etc info without worrying about how easy it might be for someone else to read (say I leave my office without locking the computer down…)

This might also make DTse better suited to storing confidential info (patient records? banking info? …)

Yes! I’d like this feature as well. I would like the ability to protect certain groups but not necessarily the entire database.

Right. I know I could use the encryption of my home directory under Panther, but that doesn’t stop casual browsing by people in a shared environment… Ideally, DTse would unlock a group when launched (or when the group was first accessed) and then lock it again when DTse was quit. I suppose some kind of encryption on the filesystem would be a Good Thing, but not completely necessary to prevent casual snoopers.

Would Keychain solve this for you?  There’s a little noted feature in Keychain  Access that allows you to create secure notes – essentially, just a text note – that reside within a given Keychain.

I have a Keychain created specifically to hold secure notes.  For enhanced security, this Keychain has a different password than my system login password, but if you want to trade some security for convenience you can make the pwords the same.

This is handy, secure, little utility – and it doesn’t require Christian to spend cycles away from developing DT Pro  :P

True. Good point. It’s not a high priority for me - just a Nice To Have. Keychain would do the job, but I’d lose the searchability and cross-linking I have now (project documentation links to login info…)

Something like how MacJournal handles individual journals (groups) would be ideal.

I’d rather focus dev. on DTpro, though…   :wink:

I’ve been using a combination of Mac OS X Keychain and SplashData’s SplashID for storing/managing “sensitive” information, with data replicated (manually) between the two when I feel it’s necessary.  The SplashID database is synchronized between my Mac and Palm Tungsten E, with the T|E copy backed up to a SD card every morning.

One highly-anticipated improvement for me will be the new “Customizable Field Labels on a per record basis” in the upcoming SplashID 3.  Category support will also be useful for organizing some of my entries.  Awhile back I  suggested to SplashData that they add Keychain integration tho’ it’s not on the list of changes for the v3 beta so maybe it’s time to remind them again? :slight_smile:

While not perfect I’m satisfied enough with this solution that it’ll take a strongly convincing alternative (and I still keep a half-eye open) to make me switch.  Once I get another Mac I’ll have to modify the sync/backup strategy a bit, but that’ll be more an issue for the Keychain database than SplashID’s.

Securing contents or groups will be available in version 2.0. In the meantime, you could secure the whole database (just set up user/password in the properties panel).