Securing Online Evidence with DEVONagent and DEVONthink

For some of my scheduled searches I used “add results to DEVONthink - PDF” to store the results.

Now I just found the script "File Results in DEVONthink " which I believe is much better and faster, and the info is grouped, so I see which search set produced the results. Very cool!

Just tried it and I’m not sure if this content in DT is now a kind of “offline version” in the database as HTML files load per click from the web and the same for PDF.

I want to make sure that each hit is downloaded to DT so that I can see it even if the original website disappears from the internet.

So my question is: What files are saved in the DT database with this script and if it’s not a complete offline version…how can I achieve that?

Thanks for your great support and a fantastic product!


By default the script creates HTML pages using the downloaded HTML source, additional resources (e.g. scripts, stylesheets or images) are downloaded on demand. The property pFormat of the script can be customized but doesn’t support full offline archiving yet.

The script of the next release will support additional formats (web archive, PDF) with/without Instapaper reformatting.