Security & Sandboxing: Phishing malware downloads


New to DevonAgent Pro.

I’ve been performing searches using DevonAgent & several times now, the download quite often has contained Mal/Phis-A, a windows virus & I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this disconcerting result.

One of my virus checkers finds this, quarantines it & reports it, but is it common for DA to do this & are there any special precautions to take that would reduce the likelihood?

Why did you find this disconcerting? If you download a page to which a virus is attached, it will be downloaded to your Mac. A Windows virus (they are very common) will be harmless to a Mac. And you are protected from malware apps if you’ve set your Mac to allow launching only of apps from the App Store or a Certified developer (like DEVONtechnologies).

As I don’t run Windows apps, I don’t bother with installing antivirus software on my Macs, as I don’t see the need, and as such software consumes computer resources unnecessarily.

But suppose someone sends me a Word file that’s contaminated with a virus that doesn’t affect me, but I then forward the file to a Windows-using colleague. Out of necessity, he will be running antivirus software, so no harm is done to him.